Tirupati, Surutapalli, Narayanavanam 2 days Package

Suruttapalli Tour Package from Chennai

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JJ Balaji Travels operating 2 days trip covering places are from Chennai to Tirupati Balaji Temple, Surutapalli Pallikondeswara Shiva Temple, Nagalapuram Vedanarayana Temple, Appalayagunta Prasanna Venkateswara Temple and Narayanavanam Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami.

JJ Balaji Travels focusing key tours from Chennai to Surutapalli Tour Package, Tirupati Sightseeing Tour Package, Nagalapuram Tour Package from Chennai, Appalayagunta Temple, Narayanavanam Temple Tour Package from Chennai.

Tirupati, Surutapalli Tour Package Program Timing : 1st Day 6 AM to 2nd Day 9 PM

Surutapalli Pallikondeswara Temple

Surtapalli temple is considered one of the revered temple in the history of Shiva temple. The temple is considered to have many intresting facts in it. This temple is located in Andra pradesh Nagalapuram. This temple is 60 kilometers away from Chennai. The ultimate speciality is Lord shiva will be on reclining position on parvathy. It is only temple in world to have this kind of Kolam(Position) in temple.


When Devargal and Ratchasargal tried to take amirtham from Parkadal they used Vasuki snake as rope and mandira malai as the hold for the process. Due to pain Vasuki snake spitted lots of poison in sea. Then the muni made the poison in a form of ball and asked Lord shiva for the solution. So when the poison is throne in earth the other creature will die due to effect. So lord shiva swallowed the poison ball. Goddess Parvathi catched the neck of Lord shiva to stop the poison getting inside the body. From the incident Lord shiva got a name called “Neelakandan”.

After the incident when lord shiva returned to Kailayam he wanted to rest in place. So lord shiva was in reclining positon and relaxed with Lord parvathy. So this place is called as pallikondaeshwaran temple. Lord shiva is known as “Pallikonda eshwaran”. Lord parvathy is known as “Sarva Mangala”.


1) Lord Shiva will be seen in pallikonda sayanam along with other gods with their beloved Wifes. The only temple to have such idols in the world.

  • Pallikonda eshwaran- Sarva mangala.
  • Vaalmekieshwarar- Maragathambigai.
  • Vinayagar- Sithi, Buthi.
  • Sastha- Pooranai, Puskalai.
  • Kuberan-Gouridevi,sanganethi, Pathumanidhi.

2) The only temple in the world to witness Sirasu(top of the head) and Patham(foot) of Lord shiva. No other temple in the world will not have such Scuptures.

3) The only shivan temple in world to give Sadari and Theertham for devotees.

4) Lord Dakshinamoorthi will be seen along with his wife. He is known for the wellness of education and prosperity.

5) The special occasion “Pradosham” came from this temple.

Once Lord shiva was angry and was dancing rudrathandavam no one could convience him. So nandeeshwar, the Vaahan of lord shiva asked him to dance on his head so he could bear the causes and pain. So after dancing ruthurathandavam in nandhi’s head Lord shiva calm down. This incident happened is considered as “PRADOSHAM”.

The first pradosham was celebrated in this temple.

6) Eega pada moorthi, the version of Lord shiva, vishnu, bramha in a same body. Devotees can see Eega Paada moorthi in a single statue in this temple.

There are several specialities in this temple. Devotees visit here for problems related late marriages and late child birth.


Darshan Time :

Morning : 6.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Evening : 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
The ideal time to worship Lord Shiva is between 06:00 AM to 08:30 PM.30,000 devotees wait for pallikkondeswarar darshan on Maha Sivaratri. More than 15,000 devotees visit this temple especially for Sani Pooja .


Narayanavanam is considered one of the accomplished temples in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is also known as the place were Lord Venkateshwara and Padmavathi marriage happened. Narayanavanam was once the capital of Suryavamsa dynasty. This temple is one of the oldest temple in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is located 120 kilometres away from Chennai and 5 kilometres away from Chittoor.

This temple has many locations were Padmavathi amma performed several pooja’s before marrying Lord Venkateshwara. This temple was actually built by Padmavathi amma’s brother. This temple also has a machine that was used to prepare dough for Padmavathi amma’s Marriage.

The temple is maintained by Tirupati Devasthanam. Several Pooja’s and rituals are performed as same as held in tirupati. The total temple comprises of 7 deck in Temple Gopuram. There are some important places near temple. They are :

  • Agasthiyar temple which is considered to be 1200 years old.
  • Talakona Falls to rejoice and enjoy nature.


Nagalapuram is one of the important temple in Tirupati. The lord vishnu here is called as “Vedhanarayana perumal”. The first avatar of lord vishnu called as “Matcha avataram” began from here. The idol of Prasanna Venkateshwara will have the Sudarshana chakram in the hands. Nagalapuram temple is located exactly 80 kilometres from Chennai and 15 kilometres from Suruttapalli temple.

When one yugam was completed, Lord brahma was sleeping by his mouth open. So that time all the Vedas came from his mouth. A devil king named Soma guru stole all the Vedas from Bramha. So every rishis and munis seeked the help of Lord Vishnu. Without the Vedas a new yugam can’t be created. So lord Vishnu came to earth in form of a fish from the kamandalam his ardent devotee named “Satyavaradha” and turned down as a huge fish. He killed the soma guru and brought back all the Vedas.


  • This temple is built by Krishnadeva rayar.
  • The place is named as “Nagala puram” in his remembrance of his mother “Nagala”.
  • Every year March 12,13,14 the sun rays falls on the statue of lord Vedha narayana perumal. It chronologically falls like 12th on legs of god. It falls on the chest of god by 13th and by 14th it falls on face of god. This event exactly happens on these days from 6:00-6:15 PM.


  • Morning 6AM-12PM.
  • Evening 4PM-8PM.


Appalayagunta temple is located in Tirupati. This temple is 1000 years old temple. Lord Vishnu is present in the form of “Prasanna Venkateshwara Perumal” and Lord Padmvathi is present in form of “Lakshmi Devi“. This temple has a special feature of representing 12 Aalwars and Aandal in same place. The Sitheshwarar munivar and his disciples got blessings from Lord Prasanna Venkateshwara and Lakshmi Devi here. This temple is built by King of Karvetinagaram, Sri Venkata Perumalraju Brahmadeva maharaj. The temple is under the maintenance of Tirupati devasthanam since 1988.

1) Goddess Padmavathi, Aandal, Natchiyar and Lord Hanuman have separate places to worship.
2) It is believed that Lord Brahma has erupted the statue of Goddess Aandal.
3) Devotees who wished to get cured of long term diseases and mental illness comes here and gets the blessings of Lord Prasanna Venkateshwara to get cured off.
4) Devotees who also have Business loses, Financial loses and problems relating to late marriage also come here to get the blessings to get solved of it.

The temple is open from morning 6AM to 8PM.

The temple is 16 kilometres from Chittoor.